June 24, 2005

Bushcorp Writhes in Its Own 'Last Throes'

After three long years of misleading Americans on the Iraq invasion and occupation, George Bush and his administration have destroyed whatever trust we had placed in them. No doubt as they writhe in their last bitter throes before combusting into ignominy, Bush and his loyalists will redouble their efforts to obstruct the tides of truth and bury the mountains of lies that have destroyed their administration's credibility. That's the nature of the Bush gang.

Such cowardly strategies have long since lost their effectiveness, however. No one paying attention to the surrounding world retains a scintilla of trust in the words or the competence of George Bush. The long-sufferance of the American people has been exhausted. Bush and his gang of co-conspirators stand exposed and they must be held accountable. That's the nature of democracy.

In Iraq, the promised WMD's evaporated into the desert haze, the flowers that were supposed to greet our soldiers were obliterated by our bombs, and the barrels of purple ink failed to resurrect the tens of thousands of Iraqi lives "liberated" from earth's physical realm.

Granted, all those terrified Iraqi children were not "slaughtered by their own leader." So are we expected to applaud the war president who saved them with his own deadly brand of freedom? What a comfort to their families that must be! What an outrage to the rest of the world. And what a recruiting tool for terrorists.

Since Heirmann G. Dubya Bush pranced across the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln two years ago and declared "Mission Accomplished," his march to victory in Iraq has turned more corners than Air Force One's flight pattern of 9/11.

Dick Cheney, his VP and COO, rounding yet another corner to imminent glory, claimed recently that the Iraq insurgency is in its last throes. He offered no prediction as to how long a last throe lasts: maybe five years... ten years... generations? In an extended interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer Thursday, the Dick's body double rattled off a smug definition of "throes," but refused the opportunity to define "last."

Here's a hint, Mr. Smirkoff, for you to lug back to your hidden cave and gnaw on with the side or your lying mouth that still works -- we're building permanent military bases in Iraq. And Halliburton, with a $25 billion market cap, has seen its stock price quadruple since the summer of 2002. Does that help you get a handle on reality?

Later in the week, Dubya's right arm and bosom buddy Karl Rove sloshed an overflowing White House jar of slop onto a delighted crowd of New York scatologists:

"Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 in the attacks and prepared for war. Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers," Karl the Pit Rover gushed full-throated onto the conservative throng.

Nasty try, Karl and Dick and all the other reverberators of the P-NAC "batty-whacked" club -- Project for the New American Century -- but Americans are no longer as confused as you may think. Every time you secretly sneak another dead American back into the country from Iraq, someone takes notice. The bodies are mounting. Their spirits cry out for justice.

The American people deserve leaders we can trust. George Bush and his administration have failed in honesty and integrity and competency. We must hold them accountable. Now. 2008 is several years too late.

Ex-GOP co-chairman will be new CPB president

Now we know for certain, the whole funding debate on public broadcasting was a sham. The new president and chief executive of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was announced Thursday. A real shocker, too -- the former Republican Party co-chairwoman from 1997-2001, Patricia S. Harrison.

Later the same day, the Republican-controlled House voted to restore $100 million that had been cut from the corporation's $400 million budget last week by the House Appropriations Committee. Double shock, huh.

Ms. Harrison has no experience in broadcasting, but since when does competence matter to this admimistration? She knows the party line.

Republicans appear determined to turn public broadcasting into another of their propaganda tools. Whatever happens in future elections, they'll have their own judiciary and, now, their own radio and television network, all paid for by the American taxpayers.


Auntie Roo said...

Karl the Pit Rover

georgie's attack dog...Fits him perfectly.

So, do you think this is just the 1st salvo in the next stage of this war for America? Seems to me their main strategy is to attack us liberals & paint us as lowlifes.

I am so tired of this bullshit. We have to take this country back & make it have some honor again.

ps I'm very sorry to hear about Klondike Kate's loss.

aikane said...

Auntie Roo, they will do whatever it takes to retain power. Our only hope is that the American people will wise up and rise up. I don't have as much hope for that as I once did, but I'm not giving up hope.

Kate said...

This post was most outstanding! Excellent writing ability you have there, Kuz'n! I am SO PROUD of you!

Keep writing, keep writing, keep nipping at their heels, the dirty flea-bitten bastids! Do not relent.

As soon as I find my strength and "proper" anger again, I will rejoin the troops with my own brand of ... branding iron.