September 15, 2005

Bush stuck at 9 p.m. -- country ticking toward midnight

First impressions of the address from New Orleans

The president's speech writers have amassed years of spin experience, so the speech itself was technically well-written, albeit long on platitudes and short on solutions. The shame is that any speech delivered by Bush is one he is incapable of writing himself or delivering with sincerity -- and that's the least of his failings. Coming from the mouth of George W. Bush, the words rang as hollow as the aluminum tubes he used to justify another disaster, his preemptive Iraq war.

Leadership of the greatest nation on earth requires more than removing one's coat and tie and reading at third grade level: it demands a grasp of reality and a demonstrable effort to fulfill one's sworn duty to the people. At least Laura made George leave his "mission accomplished" flight suit at home. That's about as close as we'll get to the twin towers of humility and responsibility from the bullhorn war leader.

The citizens of this country, and especially the ones in greatest need, deserve better than the immoral and uncaring Republican government they are temporarily stuck with.

Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, with the assistance of a win-at-all-cost, politically driven Republican Congress, have pandered to extremists and packed the government at all levels with ideologues and political hacks. The result has been breathtaking incompetence and ideologically driven disasters.

From mishandling and politicizing the terrorism response, to an ill-advised invasion of Iraq with little planning for the occupation, to spending billions of dollars on a Homeland Security staffed with political flunkies who Katrina'd their first major test, this government has weakened our security, squandered our resources, and failed utterly in their profound responsibility to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

If the president and Mr. Cheney are serious about taking responsibility for their failures, the best thing they can do for the country is resign. And if the Republicans in Congress retain a shred of integrity, they will demand nothing less.

The clock is ticking.


BlondeSense Liz said...

I found myself feeling sad watching the pretzeldunce in his misbuttoned but perfectly pressed shirt against the Magic Castle trying to sound like the new FDR. It's all lies, but I think we should make a list of his points and see to it that they follow it and then, I dunno. Probably nothing we can do.

Gawd, I wish they'd all resign. Never happen.

aikane said...

Yep, just stalling for time and trying to boost the polls. He's already proven he cares nothing about human life (Iraq), people less fortunate than himself (huge tax breaks to the rich). Budget worries? No worry, so long as the money is going into the right pockets. As a high stakes gambler, what does he care how much money he throws at the problem, if it buys him power?

I've seen nothing in his body language, his speeches or his behavior to indicate he "gets it." He continues to see himself as a great leader and simply accepts without question that only good will flow TO HIM personally from this catastrophe.

In his own eyes and the hearts of his faithful, he has made no mistakes and can not make mistakes.

Wake me when the nightmare's over.

citizen spot said...

Hopefully the nightmare will be over in Nov. 2006. The transfer of taxpayer's money to disaster profiteers here at home will be more obvious to people than the transfer of taxpayer money to war profiteers has been in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think people are going to be pissed when they are still out of work, or are making shit wages if they can get work.

Nice blog, by the way.

aikane said...

Yeah, we'll just keep hoping and working and yelling ... those seem the only options for now.

Thanks for visiting and for the comments.