September 06, 2005

Operation Blessing a Pat Robertson "Charity"

Thanks to BlondeSense for helping to expose "Operation Blessing" as a Pat Robertson "charity."

We reported that Operation Blessing is a Pat Robertson charity. We reported that FEMA and many other websites, organizations and media outlets were listing Operation Blessing as a worthy charity right up there with the American Red Cross. Furthermore, Operation Blessing is not rated or even recognized by the BBB's nor the American Institute of Philanthropy (

I wrote numerous letters and made phone calls to get that information off websites and off the TV. Perhaps some organizations need more encouragement.

CNN was the first to respond. Within minutes Operation Blessing was off their list of charities. Kudos to CNN.

Disaster used as political payoff

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has done it again

Back in 1994, during the infamous Rwandan genocide, Robertson used his 700 Club's daily cable operation to appeal to the American public for donations to fly humanitarian supplies into Zaire to save the Rwandan refugees.

The planes purchased by Operation Blessing did a lot more than ferry relief supplies.

An investigation conducted by the Virginia attorney general's office concluded in 1999 that the planes were mostly used to transport mining equipment for a diamond operation run by a for-profit company called African Development Corp.

And who do you think was the principal executive and sole shareholder of the mining company?

You guessed it, Pat Robertson himself.

Robertson had landed the mining concession from his longtime friend Mobutu Sese Seko, then the dictator of Zaire.

Investigators concluded that Operation Blessing "willfully induced contributions from the public through the use of misleading statements ..."

Please DO NOT support Pat Robertson -- and please spread the word.

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