September 23, 2005

Visualize a smarmy smirk...

Can anyone forget the 2000 Florida vote counting fiasco? Nearly five years later the chicken-lipped whiner who orchestrated the Republican coup, James Baker, is back in the news:

Election Reform Group Calls for Impartial Elections Administrators

Sarasota Herald Tribune
September 22, 2005, 10:04 am

Nearly five years after the disputed 2000 presidential election, Katherine Harris's role the controversy is still a key issue for election reform groups.

A bipartisan commission headed by former President Carter, a Democrat, and former Secretary of State James Baker, a Republican, made recommendations this week that include veiled references to Harris. In 2000, Harris was Florida's Secretary of State which made her the state's top elections administrator. At the same time, Harris, a Longboat Key Republican, was co-chair of President George W. Bush's election team.

"We cannot build confidence in elections if secretaries of State responsible for certifying votes are simultaneously chairing political campaigns," the report said.

The report further states:

"States should prohibit senior election officials from serving or assisting political campaigns in a partisan way, other than their own campaigns in states where they are elected."

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