September 21, 2005

Wake me November 30

Canadian warships leave U.S. Gulf Coast
04:32 PM EDT Sep 21

Bryan, a blogger friend in the FL Panhandle, linked to an interesting story from CBC News:
Three Canadian warships that were in the U.S. Gulf Coast as part of Canada's hurricane aid mission are on their way home, less than a week after they arrived in the region.

When the three warships and the coast guard cutter were deployed, navy officials said the mission could last as long as a month.

But a navy spokesman said Sunday that the ships and personnel were called back because they were no longer needed in the region.

On Thursday, a U.S. official had said the Canadian mission would be gearing down because civilian agencies and workers would soon be able to take over.

There were other signs the mission wouldn't be as extensive as first thought.

On Wednesday, the coast guard ship was told not to unload all of its relief supplies when it was in Pensacola, since some of the items such as tents were no longer required.
Say what? With another hurricane threatening the gulf coast? Is this sheer incompetence? ...the rejection of aid while contracts for the same assistance is given to administration friends? ...what?

Reminds me of the old country song, "No help wanted," written by Bill Carlisle and performed by Ernest Tubb:
Now I've got a gal from New Orleans
She's the cutest little thing that you ever have seen
She's got a cute little walk with a hippity-hop
She's *big at the little and bottom at the top*

Well, I love my baby, she's a little lovin' hugger
Cute as a button and sweet as sugar
I'm gonna buy her a diamond ring
And we'll get married in the Spring

Well, she calls me her "little piggy-wiggy"
And I call her my "little thinga-ma-jiggy"
Every time I ask her for a kiss
I can hear her voice sound somethin' like this

(Do ya need any help?) No, sirree
(Could you use a little help?) Not for me
(Just call on me if you need a little help)
I can handle this job all by myself

Well, I'm gonna take her honky-tonkin' tonight
We're gonna do everything up right
When the music starts we'll swing and sway
We're gonna dance till the break of day

(Do ya need any help?) No help wanted
(Could you use a little help?) No help wanted
I can handle this job all by myself
There's no help wanted!
Update from jillian at Why Now?": The parish that feds overlooked: Canadian Mounties reached St. Bernard before U.S. troops

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