December 01, 2005

Opinion: Getting it right at Ole Miss

Ole Miss News Online, Oxford, MS--The primary sign of maturity is the changing of opinions once held. As children, everything seems black and white, good and bad. That kind of reasoning makes sense to an undeveloped mind. But as we age, things happen in our lives, for good or even for bad, that make us change, make us think and force us to see the world in a different way.


I hated the idea of homosexuality, the act itself. Being a Southern Baptist prude with an aversion to all things sexual in nature certainly didn't help. I also had an audience to cater to, an audience that I had begun to associate myself with personally -- those on the Christian right. I wanted them to like me, to support me. But they never understood, for the most part, my ideas of compassion and love toward the gay community. So I sold out.

All I can do is offer an apology. It may not be taken right away -- if ever -- and I understand. I had my own opinions, but acceptance was more important to me. Foolish, I see now in retrospect....


Missouri Mule said...

"I did better when I knew better." Or something like that.

aikane said...

It's nice when someone actually has the integrity to admit mistakes. Guess this lady will probably lose most of her old friends now -- but her new ones will be better. :-)