January 31, 2006

Equality Florida Action Alert


Equality Florida and the Coalition for Fair Adoption are working hard with our allies in Tallahassee -- Senator Nan Rich and Representative Sheri McInvale -- to roll back Florida's infamously anti-family, anti-gay adoption ban.

Democrats and Republicans alike believe this discriminatory ban should be repealed. They need to know that we'll be there to back them up when they do the right thing.

The Senate Committee on Children and Families is preparing to hear Senator Nan Rich's bill (SB-172) that would allow gay and lesbian prospective parents to adopt in certain circumstances.

The two things you can do right now:

  • Write to the Committee on Children and Families and tell them to support SB-172. It will just take a few minutes of your time and we will provide you with a pre-written email you can edit or just send as-is. Click here to send your email now:

    Letter to Senate Committee on Children and Families

  • Contribute to the fight to make the "best interest of the child" the only criteria in adoption decisions by visiting the following site:

    Coalition for Fair Adoption


Missouri Mule said...

I signed it late last night after banging my head on the wall after watching the SOTU. This is a real head-banger too.

Even coughed up some of my egg money, Kuz.
(now my arm is in a sling for patting my-own-self on the back) :)

Oh lord it's hard to be humble, when you're perfect in so many ways........

aikane said...

Lordy, kuz, you sure seem nigh-on to perfect to me, so you deserve some patting on the back, and some big hugs, too! :-)

I watched the SOTU, but couldn't bring myself to think or write about it today. I am past sick of the man and his sidekicks.

Even ignoring the words themselves -- written by people paid to string the pablum together for the non-reader, non-writer, pretzelbent incapable of thinking beyond his own egomaniacal self-interest -- his delivery and expressions turned my stomach. And the fact that he's still in the White House should be frightening to anyone who loves peace and freedom. Watching him as his beady eyes wandered the audience, his coke jaw zig-zagged his pinched lips in perpetual motion, I couldn't stop morphing his evil face into images from old b&w film -- images of dictators who have committed atrocious acts upon mankind.

So, my state of the union observation is summed up simply: The criminal is still in the White House. That says it all.

Missouri Mule said...

It's good to know you still know which woof to feed.

Happy Trails

aikane said...

Credit where credit's due. :-)