February 12, 2006

Britishness: Can you pass the test?

Here's a bit of fun from BBC News:

The government is launching the citizenship test for foreigners who want to become British. If you want the passport, then you'll have to read Life in the UK, a special book, and sit a 45-minute test on society, history and culture.

But do you know what it is to be British? The following very unofficial questions are based on information in the official book - let's see how well you do...

Can you pass a citizenship test?

Jolly good! I qualified for citizenship -- and a seat in Parliament! So how soon can I be sworn in?

Shhh... don't tell anyone: Tony may try to block my joining "Cousin" George Galloway as another critic of Blair's Iraq policy. (My great-grandmother was a Galloway, a US descendant of Scottish immigrants.) George Galloway is the MP who embarrassed US Senator Coleman before the eyes of the world last year.

Galloway, an outspoken critic of the war in Iraq, called the Senate panel's investigation the "mother of all smokescreens" used to divert attention from the "pack of lies" that led to the 2003 invasion. [....]

"These people think they can smear people without them having the right to speak back and this time I got that right and I knocked them for six," he told reporters before leaving the U.S.

He said after his appearance before the Senate panel Tuesday that his accusers had little credibility "outside of Washington."

(Galloway: I won Senate showdown)

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