February 26, 2006

Thanks, St. Petersburg Times

Blog spotlight

Aikane Leo
The buzz: Political news and views for Florida and the nation, along with a fantastic list of websites and other related web resources.
The St. Petersburg Times has long been my favorite newspaper. Home delivery is not available in Lakeland, but thanks to Al Gore's invention, I frequent the online publication.

Several days ago, I submitted this blog to the newspaper's "reader blogs" list. The publishers chose to feature Aikane Leo last week.

Thanks, guys -- one more reason you're a great newspaper!


Gary said...


How fabulous are you! I am totally jealous; and thrilled to know I am on the blog-roll of such an important and recognized page!

Nice job baby!

aikane said...

Gary, thanks for visiting. Just watch your page hits skyrocket now! :-)

Actually, it must have been a slow week for the SP Times.

MadMustard said...

Good job and well deserved coverage. "Yeah... I knew this one blogger before he hit the big time..."

aikane said...

Thanks MM; you are a gentleman (and rocket surgeon). I enjoy your philosophy as well. :-)

BlondeSense Liz said...

Congratulations. Such recognition in such a short time. But you deserve it.

aikane said...

Yeah, I'm still waiting on my call from Oprah... but I'll be replaced from the throne by some upstart any day now. :-)