March 24, 2006

Trent Cooper directs "Larry the Cable Guy"

Old friend makes good in Hollywood

Congratulations to Trent Cooper, a friend of mine back in his high school days in Lakeland. His determination and hard work in becoming a movie director are finally paying the big bucks, and I hope he gets filthy, stinking rich!

Although I'm not much of a movie-goer my own self -- and I'm definitely no "Roger E-bare" -- I'm happy for Trent.
Don't know Larry the cable stringer from Adam's house cat, either, but I do know Trent, and he deserves all the success that's coming his way. His mom and all his Lakeland friends must be popping a few buttons as Trent's first big-screen movie lights up 1,700 screens across the country today.

You done good, boy!

From the Lakeland Ledger . . .

"He stops the world for his fans. And it's not an act. He's a really, really sweet guy,"
says Director Trent Cooper, right, of his star Larry the Cable Guy.
Shot last year in Orlando, "Health Inspector" is the first feature film to star Larry the Cable Guy, the earthy redneck hero of "Blue Collar" tours and fame -- and currently the hottest comedian in the country.

It's also the first feature film to be directed by Cooper, who at 34 has shot a movie opening today on 1,700 screens nationwide, a bountiful feast for any director, regardless of age.

"It was a ton of fun," Cooper says about directing the film. "It was important to both Larry and me that we keep the mood light and fun, because this has been a dream of both of ours for a very long time." (Bill Dean, Lakeland Ledger)
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Missouri Mule said...

That's awesome! Good for Trent. I'm with you. I hope he makes a big ole' wade of money.
Now don't tell anyone, but I totally dig Larry the Cable Guy. I think his shit is so in your face and I love the fact that the uppity liberals just don't get him. Me bad.
In fact, I adore Southern mens. Their motto; Eat it, stuff it, shoot it, or marry it. :)

aikane said...

That would be Trent's motto too. :-)