April 07, 2006

Don't park on the grass

23 cars burn at Lakeland fly-in

LAKELAND -- On a hot day Thursday, 23 drivers got plenty more heat than they bargained for at the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In: Their cars in a parking lot were torched by fire.

The fire started about 12:45 p.m when the catalytic converter of a Maserati ignited the dry grass beneath it, said Frank Bass, a Lakeland Fire Department investigator.

Story with photos: 23 Cars Caught in Flames at Fly-In


BlondeSense Liz said...

Oh man.. and a Maserati too? tsk tsk. Sounds like something a Ford would do, doesn't it?

aikane said...

According to the article, the Maserati owner was quite unset and refused to be interviewed. I hope he had good insurance, so he can buy a truckload of Fords now.

For a week, local firefighters were fighting a wildfire started by a Ford SUV. :-)

We haven't had rain here in well over a month. You could start a fire by... well, shaking the Bushes. They're pretty much toast already (see Polk Pulse).

Bryan said...

We had a wildfire just South of I-10 started by an SUV catalytic converter off road on the Eglin AFB reservation.

It is confined by a river and the base's fire fighting equipment, but they have been hoping for some decent rain to do some controlled burns in the area. We have a lot of debris from hurricanes Ivan and Dennis in the pine forests and need to burn it out before it gets out of control.

Now we have the live oaks shedding their old leaves so we are in real trouble up here.

aikane said...

Similar situation down here. We did get some rain, finally, Saturday night, but no more is predicted in the coming days.

Hope you got enough rain up there to help get the fires under control. Maybe summer will bring the real rains we need -- without the hurricanes, of course. :-)