August 02, 2006

Florida progressive bloggers unite

We, the progressive bloggers and activists of the state of Florida, believe that our beloved Sunshine State is really a blue state. Most voters in Florida hold progressive values -- equality, fairness, effective and efficient government, protecting our natural resources, justice and moving our state and country forward in a manner that benefits the most people most of the time.

But there is a disconnect -- our legislature, our members of Congress, our governor and too many of our other state and local officials are Republicans. Many of them are extremist Republicans. How did this happen? There are many reasons why, but we don't want to dwell on those, we want to dwell on solutions. Here's what we propose:
  • Educate the voters.
  • Hold the media accountable.
  • Educate and assist progressive activists.
  • Create a progressive political infrastructure across the state.
  • Move our elected officials -- and more importantly, our policies -- in a more progressive direction.
As bloggers, we are dedicated to the use of technology to transform the politics that affect our lives. The Florida Progresssive Coalition is not limited to liberals or Democrats or anything like that -- we welcome anyone who is dedicated to progress for Florida and for our nation. Won't you join us?


BlondeSense Liz said...

I am so with you, Aikane. The progressives far outweigh the ignorant and the neocons. Most Republican citizens there would gladly switch their allegiances if they knew exactly what they were voting for. You can do it.

And don't forget the disenfranchised black voters. They could swing the state if their electoral districts were monitored closely.

New Yorkers are with you! We go to Florida to retire and die, you know.

aikane said...

Hey Liz, great to have you visit! As you can see, I haven't been doing much online lately. Glad you're still "staying the course" for progress.

Sure hope the FPC makes a difference in Florida. As we know, even a small shift in the vote changes everything, ala 2000. I still have a tiny shred of optimism for the future. And since I'm in no position to have any influence, perhaps there's strength in numbers, so I'm excited about FPC.

BlondeSense Liz said...

I'm excited too. There are too many good people in Florida to let it fall to the bushes. You just have to nudge your neighbors a bit. You have more influence than you think.

aikane said...

My neighbors are the kind who steal Kerry signs by night (2004) and sign defense of marriage petitions by day (2006). And those are the friendly ones. :-)