September 15, 2006

Wings of love

Local couple chases butterflies

Linda and Buck Cooper have tracked down all 160 species of butterflies common to Florida, along with a few more considered anomalies in the state.

Lakeland Ledger story and photos . . . here.


Gary said...

Guess who's got new digs?

The Fair Queen returns!

aikane said...

Glad you're back! I added your new blog to my list.

pissed off patricia said...

We'll be in the hometown for turkey day. Looking forward to seeing you guys :)

How great is it that gary is back. I'm so happy. Just found out today.

aikane said...

We're looking forward to see y'all too! Glad you're going to make it this year.

I think we should invite Gary to bring down a truck load of his garden harvest and join us. At the county fair, he always wins more blue ribbons than Carter has pills.

pissed off patricia said...

Do it. That could be fun. I only know gary blogwise.

aikane said...

I'm inviting here forthwith!

Gary said...

OH you guys are too cute!

Thank you so much for the invitation! It's very sweet.

Alas, the partner is in Retail for a living, and as you can imagine, they never let him out of their sites at or around Black-Friday!

But thank you again! I feel so loved!

aikane said...

The invitation is always open. :-)