November 07, 2006

Go vote

I voted for Democrats and independents (and, in one case, neither), but no Republican. Here are my predictions, not my votes:

[Update, Nov. 8: Election results indicated in green]

Local - Polk County (Florida) Commission
  • Dist. 2: Robert Connors (D) Lost
  • Dist. 4: Jean Reed (D) Won

State (Florida)
  • Governor: Jim Davis (D) - wishful thinking? Lost
  • Atty. Gen.: Skip Campbell (D) Lost
  • CFO: Alex Sink (D) Won
  • Comm. of Ag.: Charles Bronson (R) Won

  • Senate: Bill "Space Cadet" Nelson (D) Won
  • House, Dist. 5: Ginny "Screw the French" Brown-Waite (R) Won
  • House, Dist. 12: Adam "Rubber Stamp" Putnam (R) Won

US Congress totals
  • Dems should gain 5 Senate seats Won! Webb's win in VA will make a gain of 6, and a clear majority!

  • Dems should gain 25 House seats Won! Plus extra seats for a comfortable margin. Meet Speaker Pelosi!

These numbers reflect an attempt to restrain my enthusiasm for change. I've been disappointed too many times by voters. If Democrats win control of the House but not the Senate, that makes for improved government when compared to the rubber stamp Congress of recent years.

And, even if Democrats were to win big and gain control of both houses, their power would be limited. Republicans in Congress would block progress on many fronts, and the White House would continue with two more years of political demagoguery and executive incompetence.

With Democrats holding even the slimmest majority, Republicans would also seize the chance, as usual, to blame them for every imaginable national problem -- including losing Iraq because "they have no plan." Who can forget that for thirty years Republicans have blamed Democrats like Kerry and Cleland for losing Viet Nam, while they have honored slackers like W. and Vice, who supported that war in theory but pursued healthier personal priorities throughout the war years?

So, I'll try to be content with a Democratic House to put the brakes on the Bush administration and provide some level of oversight until 2008, when moderates and progressives will have the opportunity to win the presidency and add to their numbers in Congress. Somebody will have to clean up the Republican mess.

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