February 11, 2007

Jeb Bush will run for president, book says

TALLAHASSEE - ''Jeb Bush is going to hate this book.''

That's the opening salvo in a 370-page broadside by a veteran Capitol journalist who is convinced that Florida's most famous ex-governor wants to be president. In ''JEB: America's Next Bush,'' reporter Shirish Date advances a plausible-on-paper scenario for Florida's 43rd governor to run for the nation's highest elective office.

Date writes the run could happen even as soon as next year, despite Bush's repeated denials of national ambition.
I have no doubt that Jeb's goal for quite some time, probably most of his life, has been the White House. Too bad for him, Big Brother's disastrous presidency got in the way.

Even so, if no "conservative" candidate breaks out of the Republican pack by Fall, the party kingmakers could turn to Jeb! in a carpetbagger's minute. He's still the person most capable - even more than Newt, perhaps - of uniting the competing factions within the Grand-amoral Old Party.

In fact, the odds of being pulled into the '08 presidential race may be better for Jeb Bush than for Al Gore - but wouldn't a campaign between the two of them be fun to watch? Stay tuned.

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