September 05, 2007

Do Democrats know how to win?

In their pledge to boycott Florida voters (but not their money), the leading Democratic candidates for president made a short-sighted political judgment.

Unless the candidates themselves - and the so-far inflexible Democratic National Committee - act quickly to undo the damage already done to the party in Florida, Democrats will have little chance of winning the state in 2008.

Forget all the arguments about loopholes in "the pledge," caucuses, party conventions and who's at fault for the party's internecine warfare. Florida voters - who had absolutely no role in selecting a primary date - will not and should not react positively to anyone, anywhere, at any time telling them how they should respond to being told their vote - any vote - will not be honored.

For those within our own party who refer to the voters of Florida as "whiners" who tried and failed to break party rules, don't judge us until your own vote is rendered meaningless, whether by incompetence, theft, the Supreme Court or your own party.

Whether it is cast in January or November, our vote is sacred. If Democrats do not unite around that simple truth, party insiders can continue the power struggle and the blame game that has already begun - straight through another unbearable defeat for Democrats fourteen months from now.

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