September 13, 2007

An invitation to Democratic candidates for president: Please come to Lakeland

Dear Democratic Candidate,

Please visit me in Lakeland, Florida, conveniently located along the I-4 corridor - "the swing part of the swing state." Coming here won't cost you much money (once you're actually in the state), but the effect on your campaign could be substantial. We won't even call it a campaign stop. We'll call it friends sharing ideas while sitting around the kitchen table.

No gun shows, no snow plows, no hay to bale or cows to milk, and no exchange of money - just good, old-fashioned Southern hospitality is all I offer. I'll welcome you to my home, show you how real Floridians live and tell you how we think. I should know: I am a 7th-generation Floridian on both sides of the family.

I have great interest in your plans for the country - and your plans for winning in 2008. And, you can look me in the eye while hearing my point of view. I assure you that my opinions are as simple - and heartfelt - as those you will hear in Iowa, New Hampshire, or any other state.

So, please accept my invitation to visit Lakeland soon. It's a trip you could be celebrating long after all the votes are counted.

A Florida Democrat

[See Thompson to campaign in Lakeland]

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