April 07, 2008

Hazel Haley exits the stage

According to The Ledger, Hazel Haley died today at age 91. She had retired two years ago after teaching for 69 years, 67 of them at Lakeland High School.

Hazel was one of a kind. Her death is a great loss to Lakeland and to those who knew her, but she lived a long and fulfilling life doing what she loved: teaching young men and women - her "children" - to face the world prepared for whatever life brought them, to put the commas in the right places and to avoid run-on sentences.

Rest in peace, Hazel. We will always love you.

Apr. 14 update: Haley services: Goodbye, Miss Haley

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Anonymous said...

Hazel Hunter Haley has the longest teaching career in the history of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Hazel Hunter Haley is related to the Lord Mayor of London Dick Whittington!

Anonymous said...

Now, it turned out to be that Paul Miller, a son of Lithuanian immigrants had taught for 75 years! Hazel Haley is now the second longest teaching career in history!