April 10, 2013

Florida legislature takes one small progressive step

While Florida legislators’ brain cells are too densely arranged to comprehend the definition of equality, the need to fund education and research, the value of protecting the environment, the crime of denying health care to the vulnerable, or the insanity of unlimited weaponry in the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable – they are finally changing the definition of their own behavior. One small step ...

 Bill eliminates "mental retardation" in state law

A Florida House panel has unanimously cleared a bill that would remove the term "mental retardation" from state laws and replace it with "intellectual disability."

The House Health and Human Services committee voted up the bill (HB 1119) on Tuesday. It also would replace "mentally retarded" with "intellectually disabled."

The change would not affect the content or effect of any laws. Proponents of the bill say the word "retarded" is outdated and has become offensive.

Forty-three states have already taken steps to remove the word "retarded" from their laws. President Obama signed a law in 2010 striking use of the term in federal policy.

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