June 06, 2005

Politics as Business

"Chris Cox is the right man to carry on this important work."
- George Bush (upon naming Rep. Cox to head the Securities and Exchange Commission)

"There is a reason that fiscal restraint is a traditionally conservative value. Big government requires big spending and, therefore, a comfort level in taking and using the fruits of other people's labor. It is a comfort level found in socialism, not conservatism."
- Christopher Cox

"The people at the top of America's money pyramid have so prospered in recent years that they have pulled far ahead of the rest of the population."
- New York Times, Richest Are Leaving Even the Rich Far Behind

Changes To Federal Formula Causing Financial-aid Crunch For Families Paying College Bills

"The Times found that families with the same earnings and assets as they had in 2000 would typically have to pay an extra $1,749 before clearing the eligibility bar for financial aid in 2005, after adjusting for inflation.

"'For some of those students, it's the difference between enrolling and not enrolling.'" Seamus Harreys, dean of student financial services at Northeastern.

"The department's estimates for inflation were, in fact, far enough off that it has now revised the formula it will use for the 2006-2007 school year, much to the benefit of families with assets."
-New York Times, Financial Aid Crunch


Anonymous said...

Hi there - thanks for your nice words on Julien's list.

To go with the above Times article, I strongly suggest reading economist Paul Krugman's "For Richer" essay. The essay illustrates what Krugman could see in Long Island as the events the current Times article discusses came to passs - but interestingly enough did so just a few years BEFORE the article you cite!

aikane said...

I do enjoy Krugman. He must be on the Republicans' most hated list of economists. :-)

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