September 17, 2005

Disastrous-free retirement requires simple planning

NEW ORWELLIAN TIMES: The financial experts at Fox News make the job of reporting for the New Orwellian Times almost as easy as flicking the television remote.

On today's
Cavuto on Business, for example, Ben Stein, author of "Yes You Can Still Retire Comfortably," offered sage advice to people nearing retirement but concerned by the possibility of an inconvenient disaster:

  • own a second home in a different geographical location;
  • keep large quantities of cash in the house because automatic teller machines will be inoperative after a disaster.
The NO Times, taking cues from Stein and the "Cost of Freedom" experts, suggests these additional precautions:
  • expect the unexpected;
  • keep family jewels, stock certificates, wills and insurance documents in a safety vault;
  • keep the Hummer and Cruisemaster tanks topped off for a quick getaway;
  • write a check for a substantial sum to your favorite political party (you know the one);
  • for god's sake, don't take unnecessary personal risks until the "death tax" is repealed.
Now, before facing the next time of crisis, please print these suggestions and, after consulting your certified financial planner and your estate attorney, incorporate the pointers into your own personalized contingency plans.

Don't be caught red-faced. And, remember -- it's your money!

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