September 09, 2005

Hurricane Relief: FUBAR

FEMA: Federal Emergency Mismanagement Agency
FUBAR: FEMA'ed Up Beyond All Repair

For some of the best coverage of the FEMA'ed disaster management of George Bush and his political boys, bookmark Think Progress, including the updated Katrina Timeline of action and inaction; i.e., who did what when.

Examples of recent headlines . . .

  • After Levees Failed, Bush Had A Sense of Relaxation
  • Administration Refuses To Acknowledge Reality
  • The National Guard Is Stretched Thin
  • Brown: I'm the Victim
  • Brown Should Have Been Fired in 2003
  • Bush Administration Bungled Post-9/11 Economic Relief
  • Tom DeLay: Response to Katrina a "Phenomenal Accomplishment"
  • You Go Into A Disaster With The FEMA You Have


andante said...

Hopefully, a near-future headline will read - "Brown arrested".

'Demoting' him is a farce. The only 'big picture' he'll watch is the next Redskins game on a big-screen TV.

aikane said...

You're right. Bush didn't even fire "Brownie," no mistakes were made; Brown returns to DC to prepare for the next disaster, or pony show, or whatever.

And yeah, someone should be held accountable, starting with Brown and going right up the chain of command to the top -- and the two at the top should be in jail... Guantanamo sounds appropriate.