September 07, 2005

The Party's Over

Special thanks to Kuz'n Paulyne for caption suggestion.


Donna Gore said...

If someone had a video of Bush executing people with his own gun (himself for once doing the dirty work, and not his lackey robots).......the Zombies would still excuse him. And blame it on Bill Clinton.

That is the Cult of Bush. The only decision for them is . . . which flavor of KoolAid. . . grape or cherry?

Bush can do no wrong. Because He is the Savior. He is Jesus Christ incarnate.....

I wonder.......does the "real" Jesus know he's been outsourced? Or did Pat Robertson forget to mail him the pink slip???

aikane said...

I fear you're right. People who are still believers have a faith that knows no bounds nor reason. The national picture doesn't engender much optimism, does it?

Anonymous said...

Did you see him throwing the religious stuff around in the bible belt who elected him?
Going to church, depending on the bible thumpers to forgive him for mass murder not only in Iraq but N.O.
Makes you wonder if he isn't the antichrist.