October 08, 2005

Church youth swallow live goldfish for Jesus

Can snake-handling be far behind? Now the kids can hardly wait for Halloween Hell House.

FLORENCE, Ala. -- The First Assembly of God Church has a Fear Factor ministry that had youths swallowing live goldfish _ if they were up to it. The church's youth minister says it teaches children about fear, but a grandparent questioned it and a pet shop owner called it animal cruelty.
Since churches have become political centers for Republican politics, "there is power, power, wonder-working power" in the message and the training:

"Today we l'arn the chillun to swaller live goldfish; by the time they's old enough to vote they'll swaller 'most anything."

Praise Cheezits... uh, pass the goldfish. Gulp!


jomama said...

Yea, they will swaller most anything...and have.

aikane said...

Amen. :-)