October 04, 2005

Judith Miller upheld her own principles

"I'm sure I did many things that were not completely perfect in the eyes of either First Amendment absolutists or those who wrote every day saying 'Testify, testify, you're covering up for these people,'"....

"I am very, very proud to be able to say that I got things that no other journalist has ever gotten out of a process like this," Ms. Miller told the newsroom.

- New York Times

You bet your germy jailhouse tee, Ms Miller, you "got things no other journalist has ever gotten," like all that extra jail time -- in defense of slime peddlers. Can't wait for the book -- not.

Whatever the outcome of the Fitzgerald investigation, I won't be convinced that Judith Miller was not covering corruption. Her behavior over the past four years has a stench of insiderness that disgraces her profession.

In my book (based on more facts than Miller's WMD hype for invading Iraq), she's the opposite of a First Amendment hero. I've always suspected her as a CIA operative, but -- unlike Valerie Plame's outing -- we'll probably never know, will we?

And if I'm wrong I'll eat that shirt.

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