November 03, 2005

Fairness for Florida families

FLORIDA -- On Tuesday, November 8, thousands of right-wing extremists will be at the ballot box collecting petition signatures to add discriminatory language to the Florida Constitution that would permanently ban same-sex marriage.

If passed, this mean-spirited amendment would not only permanently block marriage, but it would also deny access to civil unions and threatens domestic partner benefits currently granted to thousands of Floridians. To do this they have committed to collecting 100,000 signatures on Election Day, November 8th.

Opponents of gays and lesbians are working hard every day to pass this discriminatory law. We must do the same.
Please go to this link and sign the Petition Pledge:
I pledge to vote against any constitutional amendment that permanently blocks marriages and civil unions for same-sex couples and threatens domestic partnership protections currently enjoyed by thousands of gay and straight partners in Florida.

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