November 06, 2005

Thank yesterday's Nader-ites for tomorrow's Supremes

Where are the Nader-ites today? Celebrating Bush's Supreme Court nominees? They must be. Proudly.

The "no difference between Bush and Gore" crowd has been strangely quiet for the past five years, yet who can forget their role in the 2000 presidential election?

I haven't forgotten, and neither has another guy I like to read, Andy Ostroy:

The Rehnquist-for-Roberts swap had little consequence. The O'Connor-for-Alito trade, however, has the potential to dramatically and dangerously shift the high court to the far right. The Democrats must come out in full body-armor on this one and fight to the death if we ever intend to preserve personal freedoms; the right to privacy; separation of church and state; and other constitutional bedrocks.

This nightmarish scare is the work of those misguided Nader-ites who, back in 2000, said there was "no difference" between Gore and Bush; who said they felt disappointed and betrayed by the Democratic Party; who said they needed to "send a message" of this frustration through their "protest vote" for Nader. They sent a message alright, and that message was..."Welcome to the White House, Mr. Bush." Want to talk betrayal? How about how the Nader-ites now feel having lived through five years of the Bush betrayal on humanity? Their unfortunate protest vote just might result in the conservative Taliban of this country setting back judicial progress 30+ years.
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Anonymous said...

This Boston Globe article on Alito was new information this morning.

- oddjob

aikane said...

I'm trying to hold my fire on Alito but my first impressions were not positive. And it's possible he won't be the last nominee of this president.