December 05, 2005

More Headlines

Retitled to reflect reality


Missouri Mule said...

Now I'll know where to come for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Amen, my brother, amen.

aikane said...

Wouldn't It be interesting if the media had the courage to use honest headlines?

Even for the handful of Americans willing to think for themselves, they probably have time to read the headlines only. It's only by reading the fine print we can discern the truth these days.

Thanks for the comments. :-)

JC said...

Wow. you are right, that headline makes it sound almost fun.
"Gay partygoers to recieve hormones"

Which hormones?


Imagine a party-boat full of guys on steroids being raided by the police in 6 months.

The next headline you'll see:

Gay Roid-Rage leads to change of policy in UAE.

Sometimes we forget just how far the religious right in this country would go if they are allowed.

aikane said...

You're right, of course. There's everything religiously judgmental and nothing spiritually uplifting about attacking easy targets.

I suppose it says something about human nature that bigots have been able to hide behind their religious masks for so long.