February 25, 2006

February in Lakeland


Bitch | Lab said...

Beautiful! I love it when the Jacarandas bloom. Best part of Florida!

aikane said...

Thanks. These are always faithful, although I do so little for them. Actually, they're azaleas. I was hunkering down to get a better camera angle, so they're not as big as they look.

Your comment on jacrandas reminded me of an old song by Michael Smotherman, though. I hadn't thought of it in years, but was able to dig out the old vinyl album from the closet -- after a 30-minute search. I still have the old turntable, too, so I'll give it another spin. :-)

Lines from the song "Crazy in Love":

I put up a temporary shelter
Underneath your jacaranda tree
And I'm not going to leave
Until you tell me
That you'll come and be crazy with me."

BlondeSense Liz said...

Ah, it looks like here in April or May. You can never have too many azaleas, but then again it's so sad that they are so short lived.

aikane said...

Probably the anticipation and short life of the azalea blooms add to their appeal. Problem for me is, I can't enjoy the Spring outdoors freely because of the heavy oak pollen (notice the layer of fallen leaves that need attention).