March 02, 2006


State and Local

  • Katherine Harris ex-aide linked to convicted defense contractor
  • Republican candidates for governor try outbidding each other with tax-cut promises
  • Founder planning a "holier than thou" city in Florida [prayer beads with that pizza, ma'am?]
  • Watchdog group,, questions outcome of Florida's 2004 presidential election [who knew?]
  • NRA, business groups, fight over allowing guns in employers' parking lots [shootout in 'gunshine state']
  • Jeb! urges end of US oversight of (court-ordered) Everglades cleanup [Bush environmentalism is 'hard work']
  • Momentum is building to legalize gay adoption in Florida [only state forbidding it]
  • Bans on gay adoption unacceptable

  • National

  • Poll: 85% of soldiers in Iraq believe Saddam played a role in 9/11 attacks [while the Bushitas continue using 9/11 to justify the Iraq invasion]
  • Third of Iraq vets seek mental health service ["real good news," according to the military]
  • Video proves Bush & Cherthoff warned before Katrina [proving, again, they are incapable of honesty at any level]
  • How low can Bush go? [Already at 34% support; CBS poll results]
  • Bush's job approval falls below 50% in 44 states [voting machines unpolled since November 2004]
  • Patriot Act clears final hurdle [Americans care more about "American Idol" and "The Simpsons" than Bill of Rights]
  • Patriot Act: A sham process and a rotten deal [essay by Sen. Russell Feingold]
  • IRS finds charities overstep into politics [with blessing of Bush administration]
  • Republicans rally to support their poster boy Delay [call the Orkin man!]
  • Skype use may make eavesdropping passe [was it ever about the terrorists?]

  • World

  • Violence rages unabated in Iraq [mission accomplished! stay the course?]
  • Belarus KGB cracks down on dictator Lukashenko's opponents
  • Russia-Iran talks over; no progress made
  • Putin makes power trip to Hungary and Czech Republic
  • Russia to mine 'ideal fuel' on the moon by 2020
  • The rush to invest in Russia
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    MadMustard said...

    I love the irony... Russia planning to mine fuel on the moon while Bush wants us to grow switchgrass here on earth. And we thought that Russia was backward!