August 11, 2006

Perfect storm is brewing

Mid-term elections are normally snoozers. But the rules may be different this year. A perfect storm of voter anger over scandal, high energy prices and the war could spell trouble for incumbents and possibly even cost President Bush his congressional majorities.

Lieberman's primary defeat indicates many Americans are fed up with the war in Iraq. McKinney's loss shows that voters have no patience with egocentric elected officials. DeLay and Ney are ethical rats scurrying to jump ship before voter disgust sinks their party.

All of these developments may be bad for incumbents but healthy for the body politic.

If this indeed turns out to be the year of political discontent, so be it. Elections are for sending messages. And sometimes the only message they seem to hear up in the D.C. Swamp is "Your services are no longer required."
  • Ledger editorial, Aug 11, 2006


bkirby816 said...

Lord, do I hope you're right. I really do.

It's going to be tough, though. There's something like a 98% retention rate in Congress -- once you're in, you're in. The money flows a lot easier, and -- if you're a scamming, scummy Republican -- you'll get your district re-jiggered to better suit your re-election bids. All that, and Democrats have 15 seats to pick up if they want to claim the House. The Senate is even tougher.

Still, like I say, I sure hope you're right.

aikane said...

I think there's a chance for Democrats can pick up seats, especially in the Senate -- if they don't go "Republican lite."

The majority of voters are not happy with the direction that Bush-Cheney, with the unquestioned loyalty of a diehard Republican congress, have taken the country. The question is, will Democrats offer a real alternative?

Tubby said...

I say it's high time to bring back the Whig party and vote Whig.