October 10, 2007

Ignorance is rampant in Dems' firing circle

Howard Dean, DNC Chairman:

"Do I wish this fight weren't happening? Yes," he said during a fundraising trip to Tallahassee. "In the big picture of what really matters in the country, this is a very small blip. This is a fight among politicians." - Oct. 10, 2007, Miami Herald
What a profoundly ignorant statement by a man whose claim to fame is his own failed primary campaign of 2004. Good show while it lasted, but without it, few people outside Vermont would know his name today. Even with the Iraq issue on his side, he managed to lose his ass in the great state of Iowa - the same state he's now willing to sacrifice a national election to appease.

Howard Dean, who knows less about Florida politics than he knows about a donkey's bray, calls what he's doing to Florida voters "a very small blip," and "a fight among politicians."
"One way or another, when the votes really count, Floridians' votes are going to count," Dean said. - Oct. 10, TBO.com
It all depends on the meaning of "when," the meaning of "votes," the meaning of "count" and the meaning of "one way or another," doesn't it, Howard?

How patronizing, even repulsive, your comments appear to the people who do "count." Here's your new word for the day: "voters." Why don't you take your arrogance somewhere else. Iowa. South Carolina. Wherever. And raise your money there, if you can.

And the betrayals keep flying . . .

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House:
"The reality is if you want to know if Florida is going to be seated, ask the Democratic nominee as soon as one emerges." - Oct. 9, 2007, The Buzz
Great discernment by a leader who, with Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, can't change much of anything because her hands are tied by another "very small blip" - that nasty Republican minority.

According to Nancy, only after Florida delegates no longer count can they be counted. So what if November 2008 is too late to convince a few thousand extremely angry Democrats to support the candidate they were denied a role in selecting. A seat in Denver, once it no longer matters, may be good enough for 210 Florida delegates, but it will do little to change thousands of voters' minds.

Donna Brazile, DNC rules committee member:
"Perhaps by 2012 both major parties will commit to reforming the nominating process to give as many people as much of a voice as possible. We're long overdue for a rational system to elect a president of the United States." - Sept. 1, 2007, "Why we stood up to Florida," Washington Post
"Perhaps," indeed. So long as it's not this year, right? I know, I know: rules are rules. Such a long time since 2000, isn't it, Donna? Just not long enough yet, perhaps.

Jon M. Ausman, Florida member of the DNC:
"When elected officials blatantly blame the DNC for enforcing its rules and ignore the complicity of Florida Democratic elected officials in creating this situation they are not serving the Democrats of Florida well. They may get headlines, they may get support, but they are being demagogues rather than leaders." - Aug. 27, 2007, Jon and Donna Ausman, letter to Florida Dems
Good move, Jon. Insult the voters and the Democratic officeholders who managed to "get support" - that is, elected - in a Republican-leaning state. They "get headlines." They are the "demagogues." And they might cost you your seat at the table if they work for Florida voters rather than your personal interests.

Sharon Stroschein, DNC committee member, South Dakota:
"The last thing we want is Democrats not all coming together to elect our Democratic president, so this is not a pleasant thing, but someone has to crack the whip." - St. Pete Times
So now, even party insiders from faraway South Dakota know more about Florida than the elected officials here do. "Perhaps" Sharon has been so successful in filling South Dakota elective offices with Democrats she knows exactly what Florida needs - a little whip action.

Come on, Sharon, admit that the crack of the whip is not all that unpleasant to you.

Carol Fowler, DNC rules committee and chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party:
"It's hard for us to control the states and keep individual state legislatures from going off and doing things, so we needed some sticks. I'm sorry to be the one to say, Florida is not the center of the universe." - The Buzz

Please allow me to recommend a little book. It's by Dale Carnegie, and it's very inexpensive.

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