October 11, 2007

Updates on CSX rail in Polk

For residents interested in the impact of CSX rail's plans for Polk County and Lakeland, see Billy Townsend's blog entry for Tuesday:

One entire section of this study [the 2005 Rail Relocation Feasibility Study] is devoted to recapping previous papers and studies that focused on problems posed by Orlando’s freight train traffic.

One of those, a 2002 paper prepared by METROPLAN Orlando, was titled: “Why Can’t We Solve Orlando’s Traffic Congestion Problems by Moving the Freight Trains?”

More . . . 2005 state study cited freight traffic headaches

In today's Tampa Tribune, Lindsay Peterson reports on public aid for CSX:
Times have never been better for America's major railroads. Profits are rising. Stock prices are up. And so are subsidies from taxpayers.

State governments are giving freight rail companies millions to build new tracks, bridges and tunnels. Since 2005, Florida officials have approved plans to give CSX Transportation and other railroad companies more than half a billion dollars through 2010.

That's not all the rail companies want. They're lobbying Congress this year for a federal tax credit worth more than $1 billion a year to pay for track improvements.

The money isn't for safety measures at public crossings. Government has paid railroads billions over the years to build, repair and maintain crossing signals at public roads. This money is for business expansion in areas the public never uses. -

More . . . CSX seeking public aid amid its growing profit

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