April 28, 2008

Florida politicians: Protecting 'core services' -- or core interests?

    "Florida is in a recession, resulting in the worst government budget conditions in Florida's history," House Speaker Marco Rubio, R-West Miami, said in a statement released Sunday.

    "It is important to remember that as bad as it may seem for government, our people are hurting even more. I am pleased that we have produced a budget that is balanced and protects core services."

    . . . .

    State officials negotiated a deal that would help shield CSX Transportation and state railroad contractors from lawsuits if accidents occur on the commuter system.

    But lawmakers have to approve the liability protections, and the proposals have drawn criticism in both the House and Senate. The protections are a key part of the deal in which CSX would sell to the state 61 miles of tracks from DeLand to Osceola County.

    -- Florida's major issues remain unresolved

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