April 26, 2008

Hate still flourishes in 'the sunshine state'

Kicking off his church's campaign to make gay marriage unconstitutional in Florida, Pastor Hayes Wicker, senior pastor at Naples' First Baptist Church proclaimed:

    “This is a tremendous social crisis, greater even than the issue of slavery.”

    Without such an amendment or a law, Wicker said, it could lead to legal marriages in Florida between “man and dog” and “father and child.” - Naples Daily News
A greater crisis than slavery? Marriages between man and dog, father and child?

Kenneth Quinnell, founder of the Florida Progressive Coalition, posted a quick comparison of the history of slavery and the history of no gay marriages in Florida. He concluded:
    Hatred of other citizens based on their innate characteristics, particularly when those characteristics harm no one, is as close to evil as one can get without raping, molesting or killing someone.
Read Ken's essay here: It's not called the hate amendment for nothing

Also, see Who signed the petition for Amendment 2?

1 comment:

Baldwin Park Democrat said...

Two people, regardless of gender, should be allowed to marry if they choose. It threatens no one.

None of the arguments against gay marriage make any sense. It doesn't threaten marriage (heterosexual couples have taken care of that with their astronomical divorce rate). It doesn't threaten society in any way.

I've never understood the rabid opposition to something that seems so harmless.