December 26, 2006

Congressman's solution to Iraq quagmire: 'Onward Christian soldiers!'

BlueNC reports that Congressman Robin Hayes has the solution to the Iraq war -- have our soldiers convert all Muslims to Christianity.

Our local weekly newspaper the “Concord Standard and Mount Pleasant Times” reported on Mr. Hayes speech in his hometown:

First there’s the usual talk of how we’re “winning” over there: “The war in Iraq has got to be won; it’s being won.” (A couple of months ago Hayes said that the rise in violence in Iraq was an indication that we’re winning.)

Then comes the real kicker: “Stability in Iraq ultimately depends on spreading the message of Jesus Christ, the message of peace on earth, good will towards men. Everything depends on everyone learning about the birth of the Savior.”

Praise the lord and pass the ignorance.

On second thought, perhaps the congressman has hit on something -- just not exactly in the way he thought. With one important change, the congressman's suggestion could become the Iraq solution the Bush administration has ignored, the plan that all our military strategists and Iraq commissions somehow failed to recognize:

Bring our troops home from Iraq and send evangelical volunteers to replace them.

That's right. Let the religious leaders who campaigned for George's little war put their own butts on the line and then see how many followers they have. I'm already visualizing religious brigades conquering Baghdad, a Bible in one hand and W's picture in the other.

Iraq problem solved -- in fact, lots of problems solved. Hallelujah!

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