December 31, 2006

Iraq's cycle of violence continues

Ex-Democrat Joe Lieberwhine, pro-war, more-war agitator, speaking today on CNN's Late Edition, boasted that Saddam Hussein's hanging was "a triumph of justice over evil."

Republican Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, agreed that Saddam Hussein's trial and execution were "handled appropriately."

They are not alone in their judgment. One gets the feeling the hardcore supporters of Bush's Iraq policy would have preferred to watch Saddam die a slow death on a cross.

Saddam was a barbaric dictator, and he died a barbaric death. Let us not forget, however, that he was a U. S. ally at the time he committed the crimes for which he has now been convicted and hanged.

Saddam "killed his own people" - just as numerous political, sectarian and religious leaders are killing their own people this very minute. Since the 2003 invasion, half a million Iraqis have been slaughtered - all for the same reason that Saddam used to justify his killings.

George W. Bush has not taken freedom and democracy to the world - but he has "freed Iraqis" to kill each other and to kill our soldiers.

What makes today's U. S. allies in Iraq (if anyone knows who they are) morally superior to our former ally Saddam? Who will hang for the crimes being committed today?

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